Use multiple mice and keyboards on the same PC, at the same time.

Collaboratively or independently.

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10


The application is still under development and lacks in features and compatibility with other applications. Until it is fully functional and all bugs have been removed, it's completely free for personal use!

One cursor for each attached mouse

With Pluralinput running, each attached mouse device will get its own cursor on the screen.

Support for multiple monitors

You can even specify which cursor should be visible on which monitor.

Hugely customizable

You can change the color, mouse acceleration, swap the mouse buttons and even set a custom label for each cursor.


19.95 €

After downloading Pluralinput, you can use it for free without any limitations. If you would like to support the development, you can already purchase Pluralinput and save 20% off the final price. A key will be sent to you via email that can be used to activate the software once the final release is available.