Use multiple mice and keyboards on the same PC, at the same time.

Collaboratively or independently.

Windows 7 and later


One cursor for each attached mouse

With Pluralinput running, each attached mouse device will get its own cursor on the screen.


You can change the color, pointer speed button settings and more for each cursor.

Works with multiple monitors

You can limit cursors to specific displays.

Work with devices connected over a network

Using the RemoteClient, you can connect to a different computer running Pluralinput and use your mouse to control an additional cursor. A mobile version of the client is planned!

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$ 22.00

While in Beta, Pluralinput is completely free for non-commercial and evaluation use.

If you would like to use Pluralinput in a commercial setting or help support the development you can purchase Pluralinput and save 20% off the final price.

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